What Do You Do With The Lemons Life Gives You?

Lemons make us pucker when we eat just them. I remember growing up my brother and I would pick them off the tree in the yard and see who could get one the fastest. He would always win.

In life, we get those circumstances that come our way that make us pucker. Not only do they make us pucker but they steal our joy. No matter how strong we are lemons need a “spoonful of sugar…” to be enjoyable.

What is that sugar in life?

Hebrews 12

If ever there was anyone who had more than enough lemons to make one pucker for the rest of their life, it would have to be Jesus. Let’s look at His lemons: betrayed by a friend, falsely accused, denied by one of His close friends three times, beaten, condemned to death for nothing that He did, crucified, and to top it all of rejected by His Father while on the cross. That is a load of life’s lemons.

Instead of letting it get Him down, Jesus looked to the end results of what His suffering would bring about. It was the joy at the end of it all, the love He has for us that helped Him go through it.

Did you notice what I just said?  His love for us grew the joy of knowing the final outcome of all those lemons. Love is what sweetens life’s lemons giving us joy.

We have two choices when life gives us lemons; become pucker sour faces or let His love sweeten the circumstance and bring joy.

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I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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