Acts of Kindness

We hear a lot lately about random acts of kindness. People paying for the person behind them in the drive-thru. Raising money to help others. Why does it seem like it is something we have to be reminded to do? Why does it seem to be unnatural for us?


In Colossians 3:12-14, we are given a list of things to put on as a child of God. One of these is kindness. For some reason being kind does not come naturally to us.

Look at any toddler playing with a toy, puts it down and walks away from it, then as soon as another toddler picks it up the first toddler goes running back yelling mine. The child was not taught this behavior it came naturally. Being self-centered is a normal part of us since sin entered the world. That is why we are instructed to put kindness on.

Kindness fots

Once again we see that love is the key to the fruit of the Spirit. It is what makes them work as one. Without God’s love flowing through us, we would not have the ability to be kind to others.

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