Elohim In Control 

In the three mentions of Elohim we will see He is in control of His plan to reunite with His fallen creation. His love and care towards His chosen people cannot be denied. 

With the story of Noah, when the world was much like it is today or even worse, Elohim saw one man that was pure and sought to serve Him.  He show is grace and caring by providing a way Noah and his family could escape the coming destruction. He gave Noah instructions in building the ark and how to prepare the inside so that they would have enough provisions for the amount of time they would need it.  Elohim even closed and sealed the door once they were all inside the ark before the flood hit. Then we see Elohim in control of His creation by causing it to rain, something it has never done before.

Then with Abraham we see that Elohim is in control of the impossible. Can you imagine waiting most of your life to have a child and finally at 99 years-old you have the child that Elohim had promised? Sure Sarah was doubtful as the years went on, even took things in her own hands, He still proved that he was in control even when it seemed impossible.

Finally, Elohim showed that He is in control of when things happen. The Children of Israel had cried for years to be delivered from the slavemasters of Egypt. Moses tried and failed greatly in stepping up for them. Forty years after that failure Ehohim appears to Moses in a burning bush. The timing was now, for Moses to deliver them from Egypt. Moses had learned to trust Him totally at this time. The picking up the snake by the tail and it became his rod showed Moses that He was in control of protecting him from those in Egypt and will do the same for the rest of the Children of Israel.

Elohim is still in control today. I so learned that in writing this post. In writing for VBS and other things that have been going on at home it has been hard. Let a lone when I started I was having a problem trying to write then it came to me late last night.

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2 thoughts on “Elohim In Control 

  1. He is always in control but He controls lovingly not the way we humans see that word “control”. This human, myself, heard that word and immediately bucks but when I hear that Elohim has all the control, I feel at peace and loved, and cared for.

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