So I’m playing a little play on words here. Play along with me.

When Jesus returned to heaven God the Father sent the Helper, Holy Spirit in Acts to. In John 15 the last two verses, Jesus tells that the Spirit will bear witness of Him and lead us into truth. With the Spirit in us, we too bear witness of Jesus and the things he has done in our lives.

Now think about the strength a bear has. No one will mess with a bear.  Now let’s look at a couple of verses about the Spirit starting with Romans 8:11;

If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you.

The Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is the Spirit that is promised in John 15. Now to dig deeper about the Spirit. In Ephesians 1:19-20, we see the Spirit is power;

 and what is the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe. These are in accordance with the working of the strength of His might  which He brought about in Christ, when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand inthe heavenly places,

The word used for power in “the surpassing greatness of His power” is the Greek word dynamis, the very word we get dynamite from. That is the power that raised Jesus from the dead. Think of the power that it took to raise Him from the dead, roll the stone away, and frighten off the Roman soldiers.  No bear could do all that.

Yet, we have that power working within us. Many of us walk around afraid to make waves, self-included. When we are walking in the Spirit we will be walking in the truth and by knowing we are in the truth we have no reason to walk in fear. We have a great power within enabling us to be His witness in what He has done in our lives.











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