We all have had someone that we were very close to, spent a lot of time with either move or die. Sometimes we find ourselves reaching for the phone to call them just to realize that the number we were getting ready to dial they were no longer at. The sadness and emptiness of the fact that life is not the same without grabs the heart and now you are lost without them.

That is what the disciples were feeling as they began to grasp the meaning of this talk with Jesus. He was saying that soon He will be GONE! How they continue without Him?

Eventhough He had told them that once He leaves the Father would send a Helper to them their hearts were heavy as they tried to grasp the fact that Jesus was leaving. What would their lives be like without Jesus? Who would the Helper be? He just rose Lazarus from the dead, maybe he will take over? Does he know something that they don’t know since he was dead and all?

The Jesus said it was for their good that He left. If the Helper isn’t here then it can’t be Lazarus because he was already here with them, then this Helpre is someone they didn’t know. Like a kid in school and the teacher was out for the day, who was the subsitute teacher and what would that teacher be like? Would they be someone fun or really crack the whip strict?

What did He say earlier that if the world hated Him then they will hate the disciples to? Sure Jesus rattled the cages of the religous leaders but weren’t the people just praising Him as we entered the city? This Helper is going to convict them of sin because they didn’t believe in Jesus? That could be the very reason they hate us.

Jesus, don’t leave us just stay here with us. We are fine as long as You are here with us.

It has been over ten years since I left Arizona for Texas. I have several times thought of calling up a friend and going to a resturant for coffee, both of which are in Arizona. Sure I was disappointed more so with myself. It is hard when our close friends are far away.

The disciples were given a Helper and that Helper is still with us today.

Published by Bonnie Sue Writes

I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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