Can’t Take Much More

Ever have things pile up on you to the point you are about to break? I know I have. When my oldest son was diagnosed with hydrocephalus every other sentence was basically this could happen and he could die. I was at the point that I didn’t want to hear from her but another doctor. My heart was full of sorrow.

Likewise, the disciples were having a hard time processing all that Jesus had just said to them and their hearts were full of sorrow. How could it possibly be good that he was leaving them? A Helper? All they needed was Him to stay with them not going somewhere they couldn’t go. What is going on with Judas? Why did he leave? Their heads were spinning in every direction and they could not take much more.

Jesus knew this about them and decided it was time to help them understand more the role of the Helper. He knew that once He was gone there would be those who would come in His name and try to deceive people. They would need the Spirit of Truth to remind them of what He said. To help convict the world of sin. For when there is no truth then no one knows that they are sinning. The Spirit will always point to Jesus. If it is not about Jesus then it isn’t from Him.

When my son saw the neurosurgeon we found the truth that just because he had extra fluid on the head he was still following the normal cruve just 1cm out of it and there was nothing that he saw that would cause him to do surgery. He watched him for six months. Then at the next MRI the fluid was gone without an explination why. Having dealt with learning delays my son is now 21 years old, going to college, getting all A’s and is the tech director at our church.

When we are walking in the Truth we are free of fear.

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I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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