Reading Plan for Love Week 1

When the Old Testament was translated into Greek, the Greek Septuagint, the Hebrew word chesed was interpreted as agape. I have learned a lot about the word chesed for a good friend Andy Lee. You can find her at Words by Andy Lee or check out her morning Facebook Live devotionals at Andy Lee. She uses the Key-Word Bible, here is the definition of chesed from the Key-Word Bible.

Chesed: One of the most important words in the OT, chesed essentially denotes an act of kindness, love or mercy. The quality of kindness shown is usually reserved for close friends and family members but the act of chesed can be demonstrated in any relationship…or covenant…but God’s chesed is not bound by covenant itself, and though men may prove unfaithful to this relationship, God’ chesed is everlasting.” (Key-Word Study Bible)

This is one of my favorite quotes from Andy, “Chesed is not earned. It simply flows out of the heart of the giver. It’s in His DNA. It is who He is.”

On Sunday, leave your favorite verse for the week and the reason you picked it.

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