Living In Love

I love cut flowers, the only problem with them is they don’t last forever. No matter what you do, 7-Up, aspirin, cut the stem on a diagonal … they will eventually fade and wilt. Because they are no longer connected to their true source of nourishment.

Likewise with us, if we are not connected, grafted, abiding … in the love of God then our love will fade and wilt away. If we are not abiding in His love then our love is limited and eventually will run out. It is only by abiding in Him do we have a fresh supply of love to give away daily to everyone that we come in contact with.

Even with those that we think there is no way we could ever love them, with God’s love flowing through us we can. Think about it. We are sinners, totally filthy, someone that a holy God would not want to associate with. Yet, He loved us as sinners that He sent His only Son to die a horrible death on the cross that we, through the blood of Jesus we are washed clean of those sins and made sons and daughters of God. What an amazing love that never gives up on us. That is the love that we because of Jesus have flowing through us.

With love like that in us, we can reach out to those that we would normally turn a blind eye to and show them love.

Published by Bonnie Sue Writes

I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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