Guest Post – Stacey Wilson – When Desires Overshadow Contentment

If I only had more money in my bank account….
If my house was bigger……
If I had a new car I just know I’d be happy…..
If only I could buy that new furniture…….

How many times have we all desired for something more than what we already have? Our bills are paid, but yet desire more extras than our bank accounts allow. We have a home to lay our heads and somehow find fault in its size. The car is paid off but the smell of a new one entertains our thoughts on a daily basis. And the furniture is a tad old but yet not the latest fashion statement we want to make.
There is no wrong in wanting more in life; to be able to upgrade from time to time, take that long awaited vacation or make a brand new purchase for something we have always dreamed of. The downfall comes when the desires of our flesh become more than the contentment of our hearts; when materials things take presence over our spiritual desires. When we look at King Solomon, 1 Kings 3:9, he asks the Lord to give him a discerning heart (wisdom). His request pleased the Lord so much; He in turn not only gave him wisdom but wealth as well. King Solomon was content with “wisdom”; he was more concerned with doing right in the Lord’s sight than asking for riches. His request was such a delight to the Lord that the Lord blessed him with an abundance of wealth as well.
When God’s children choose to be content (happy) where they are in life when living a righteous life is of more importance than a life of wealth, the storehouse of blessings are open to us. God never fails to provide for those who love Him, it is however for us to recognize the manner His provision is sent and to live in a state of contentment knowing He never leaves us as we are.
Over the course of my life, there have been times when I allowed the desire and needs of my flesh to overshadow my contentment. However as I have grown in the Lord, aged over time, I have learned to live in contentment with hope as my anchor for those things in which I desire. I make it a point to look within and make sure what I desire lines up with God’s word. I put myself in check and ask is what I desire a blessing I know the Lord would have me to receive or is my desire a worldly desire, one that will leave me unfulfilled and in a state of false contentment.
Living in un-contentment takes away our ability to live in hope. It diminishes our joy and produces a root of despair. We miss the beauty of the here and now and live as though we have nothing to look forward to. Our character becomes shallow; our attitudes reflect a tone that nothing is ever good enough and we miss the brilliant glory of His blessings.
I have learned to live content in this journey of life with the knowledge the Lord has me where I am for His purpose, peace is abounding in my life.
Psalm 37:16 (NIV) Better the little that the righteous have than the wealth of many wicked;

Stacey is a mom, a grandmother and a woman after God’s own heart. Born and raised in the Deep South, she loves people, Cajun traditions, and sharing the love of God too. She lives her southern life by God’s grace and love. You can find her blog at Victorious She Stands.


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One thought on “Guest Post – Stacey Wilson – When Desires Overshadow Contentment

  1. Thank you so much! I am blogging about a similar subject now. The enemy attempted to steal my joy with ungratefulness and discontentment. Oh glory, hallelujah, but in the name Jesus, I saw the error in my heart and went running back to Him- who alone is able to satisfy. Blessings!

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