Little Sister Redeemed

Everyone saw Mary, the sister of Lazarus, as rebellious, stubborn, and bitter. Everyone except for Jesus. In all three times, we see Mary at the feet of Jesus.

To Martha, Mary was a stubborn, rebellious brat that refused to help her get the meal ready by being lazy sitting at the feet of Jesus. The others that were there may have seen her as defiant by not helping. Jesus, on the other hand, saw Mary focused on what was necessary to feed her soul. Listening to His word, the Word of God, the Bread of Life. Mary had devoted herself to learn from Him as much as she can.

Mary let Martha go see Jesus as He approach. She was too bitter and angry to go. After all, they had sent a messenger to Him about Lazarus being very sick and they needed Him to come right then and there. They were close friends, or so she thought. To not come and let him die, just to show up four days later … how dare He. Yes, Mary’s bitterness grew the longer she sat there dwelling on what had happened, on the death of her brother and how Jesus just let it happen. So, when Martha came back to tell Mary Jesus wanted to talk to her. Mary got up and quickly went to give Jesus a piece of her mind. Obviously, Martha didn’t get it across to Him that this whole thing is His fault. Even though Mary said the exact same words that Martha had said to Jesus, it was her pain, bitterness, and anger that I believe moved Jesus to tears. He knew the plan and what was going to happen but to see Mary, the one who was devoted to His words in so much pain, He sought to heal her heart in a way no one else could, He redeemed her from her bitterness by bringing Lazarus back to life.

The Law tells the Jews that they need to take care of the poor, Mary obviously had no respect for the Law when she anointed the feet of Jesus. At least that is how Judas said he saw it. Jesus redeemed Mary for her love and devotion. How the oil of Mary’s devotion must have comforted His heart from when she spewed out her bitterness. Wonder what Mary thought when Jesus told Judas to leave her alone so she could use the rest for His burial. He had just raised her brother from the dead. Why would she need it for Jesus’ burial? Couldn’t He keep Himself from dying?  Just think, the next day as He made that triumphal entry into Jerusalem the smell of Mary’s love and devotion went with Him.

Mary’s love and devotion were redeemed by Jesus as this is what life should be about. We need to be sitting at His feet in worship and be in His word. It is what He says about us that counts not what others think or say.




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8 thoughts on “Little Sister Redeemed

  1. SO powerful! I always have compassion for Martha as she complains that her sister Mary didn’t help her. It always bothered me that Mary sat around and let her sister do all the work. The point of exploring this relationship is that Mary didn’t care to conform to the world, and you did such a great job showing us Mary’s character. She NEEDED to sit at the feet of her Teacher. How many of us do the same? How many of us would be so open to go to Jesus in our anger and give him a piece of our minds with no hesitation? Or use up our most valuable possession in his name? Mary was not burdened by the world’s rules when it came to Jesus, and she is a great role model for those of us who might be a little too worrisome about how we come across to everyone else but Him.

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    1. Thanks Gloria, I think we all have grown up thinking that they speaketh the king’s English and are above being normal just like us. I love making them become real people not that they weren’t but helping us to make them become the real person to everyone else.

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