A Sword Will Pierce Her Heart

Surely the attitude of Mary and Joseph’s children towards Jesus wounded Mary’s heart but it wasn’t the sword that would pierce her heart.  As she stood there before the cross watching her firstborn die in a way she couldn’t comprehend. He was the Son of God. How could God allow His Son, her Son to be treated like this?  Why doesn’t He do something to stop this?

To have your son turn her care over to one of His disciples instead of having His brother to take care of her. Did she realize that He was looking out for her spiritual needs by turning her care over to John?

Then the final blow the Roman Soldier put his spear into the side of Jesus and pronounced Him dead. Mary’s heartache increased tremendously. John was there to comfort her in a point of time that her sons and others had left her. Having to place Him in a tomb that she didn’t have the money for and was given by someone who tried and failed to save Him. The spear was still in her heart deep.

She stayed with John in the upper room. Yet the news that reached the upper room that first Easter Sunday soften the blow to her heart. Then to see her son standing in the room removed the sword from her heart.

After He ascended into Heaven and she was in the upper room not only with the disciple’s but her other sons were there too. Jesus had not only healed her heart but redeemed the family rift.

If He can do that for His family what can He do for yours?


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