The Marys At The Tomb

As the Marys got ready the spices and oils, Mary the sister of Lazarus with her Nard and His mother with the Myrrh from the wise men so long ago, to go to the tomb the sting of death filled their hearts. Not being able to properly prepare His body for burial due to the Sabbath laid heavy on their hearts.

After all Jesus had to Mary, the sister of Lazarus, that the Nard she didn’t use when she anointed His feet would be used for His burial. She never thought it would be a week later that she would be actually using it to bury Him.

Myrrh, what an odd gift to bring a child, Mary had tucked it away so thought of this day possibly happening would be hidden from her sight. Those words from that old man when Jesus was dedicated, about the sword piercing her heart, had always been haunting her thoughts now have come true.

Her Deliverer dead! He saw her beyond what most people did. Removed the evil spirits and replaced it with His grace, teaching, and love. It wasn’t the romantic type of love, it was more of a father with his child the knowing that Jesus cared what happened to her and would be there to listen and protect her if need be. That was now gone on that one cruel day.

They left for the tomb with each step of the way pound the ache that was in their hearts. The lump in their throats grew while the tears flowed down their cheeks. It was amazing they could see the way to the tomb or had the path been etched into their brain that one horrible day. Would the soldiers even allow them to give Jesus a proper burial and roll that stone away for them? As they approached the tomb it was it appeared that the Sun was coming out of the tomb. The stone was rolled away and there were two angels sitting there as if they were waiting for them. Waiting to give them the news that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Mary Magdalene stayed behind as the others went to tell the disciples what they had seen and heard. She was trying to understand this all. Yes, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. How? Who could raise Him from the dead? He was dead; dead when she saw them place Him in the tomb. Someone must have moved His body, but why? Where had they moved Him? So as she was walking around in a daze of confusion she came upon a man. Perhaps the gardener and he saw where they moved her Deliverer to.

Then as He spoke and called her by name, she recognized the voice, the loving tenderness in that voice. It was Jesus standing there ALIVE before her. How she wanted to hug Him but He refused it wasn’t time. He needed her to hurry back and tell the disciples that he was alive. She set off with one quick glance over her shoulder to see Him one more time and He was gone. She didn’t walk back to the upper room, it was as if her feet grew wings as she made her way back to tell the disciples that she had seen Jesus at the tomb alive and well.

Jesus not only delivered Mary Magdalene from the demons of her past, He redeemed her reputation. No longer was she someone that was found to be incredible in her words and actions. She a woman was the first person that Jesus chose to reveal Himself to after rising from the dead. He chose her to bring the good news to those in the upper room. It was her words that set the disciples into action to verify that He was no longer in the tomb.

What Jesus did for Mary Magdalene, He can do for you. Ask Him today to reveal Himself to you. If you did please leave a comment.

Congratulaions, to Audrey Huck for winning Andy Lee’s book “A Mary Like Me”!

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6 thoughts on “The Marys At The Tomb

  1. I loved this reminder, “Jesus not only delivered Mary Magdalene from the demons of her past, He redeemed her reputation. No longer was she someone that was found to be incredible in her words and actions.” I never really focused in on the fact that Jesus had redeemed her reputation. I just always glossed over that fact for whatever reason. How beautiful is it that He turned her life around so completely and used her voice to ring out the truth of His resurrection. It’s so humbling to think of how He completely and radically changes our lives if we allow Him to. Thank you for the reminder to keep pursuing His face for that continued change!

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  2. I Love it! I was oppressed by my own thoughts of not having any credibility. It too awhile, a lot of praying and heeding God’s guidance through Jesus Christ and with the Holy Spirit. Every time I start to think things like that again I’ll remember your post. It’s refreshing! God Bless!

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