Lie For Me

When you get married you never expect to hear your husband ask you to lie for him. He is supposed to be your knight in shining armor ready to protect you from all harm. At least that is the dream most of us have as we walk down the aisle.

Sarai thought the same when she married Abram. So much so that she was willing to pack up everything onto the camels and follow him to literary God knows where. They had no plan or clue as to where they were going just the direction that Abram was getting from God.

Soon they approached Egypt. Yes, the same Egypt that would one day enslave their descendants. The place their great great great grandchildren would cry out to God for a deliverer.

As they approached Egypt, Sarai’s knight in shining armor turned into the cowardly lion. Abram feared for his life because Sarai was so beautiful, he thought for sure they would kill him if they found out he was her husband. Thinking that it wouldn’t really be telling a lie if he said she was his sister because that is a half-truth. Talk about another mother.

Sarai’s heart must have sunk we Abram came to her with this plan. What about her? Would he just leave her there if they took her from him? Does he really love her? Why can’t he be a man instead of a chicken?

Sarai went along with his half-truth and was taken away to Pharoah’s house. While Abram was given sheep, oxen, male donkeys, male servants, female servants, female donkeys, and camels, given to him because of Sarai.

God gave Abram the chance to do the right thing. Abram had trusted God in following in thus far, yet failed to trust that God would protect both of them while they were in Egypt. Kind of like Adam and Eve with the original sin in the Garden of Eden, just the roles were reversed. It was the man this time who talked the woman into doing something wrong.

However, God sought out to punish Pharoah and his house with plagues to protect Sarai. This was just a sampling of what would come in the future should Egypt mistreat Abram’s descendants. Like the old saying by George Santayana goes, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” We see centuries later Egypt has a problem in remembering their history. Even when it is a generation or two away.Because of the plagues Pharoah sent Abram, Sarai, and all that belonged to them on their way with an escort out of Egypt.

Sarai didn’t complain but did what Abram asked her to do. She trusted that if God had a plan He would take care of her even when her husband didn’t.

Are you in the land of compromise and things are out of control? Call on the Lord today to get you out of there.

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I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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