We laugh for different reasons. Sometimes it is because you live with a teen that loves to make puns. Maybe because of a good comedy or comedian made you laugh.  Someone told you about a situation that they were in that you just doubled over in laughter. Then there is that nervous laughter you get when the pressure of something is too much or awkward.

We find Sarah in that spot. While Abraham is out on the front porch talking with God she is standing in the doorway evesdropping.  She heard God say that when He returns in a year she will have a son. Just the thought of Abraham at 100 and her at 90 having a baby made her laugh inside. The odds of having a child at their age were impossible.

Then the impossible happened. God heard her laugh. BUT how it was to herself. Does she look busy or deny the laugh? No one else heard it so maybe if she went and denied hit He would say that He must’ve been mistaken. She did just that. To her dismay, God called her out on the fact she did laugh.

Shocked she wandered back inside the tent with her mind spinning with what just happened. How could He have heard her when she didn’t laugh out loud? Since He heard her laugh when no one else could then He could cause her to have a baby this late in her life. A baby! She was going to have a baby and it would be a boy. No guessing what color to do the nursery in God had already told them it would be a boy.

Two lessons in Sarah learned that day. You can’t keep anything from God and nothing is too hard for Him. Those lessons still apply to today.

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I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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