Not Again!

One would think Abraham and Sarah had learned their lesson back in Egypt when they got caught in the lie about Sarah being his sister. Well, guess again. As they enter Gerar, Abraham feared for his life this time from King Abimelech.  So one more time he asked Sarah to lie again to save his life.

OK, at this point in time Sarah was no spring chick. She was in her 90’s. They say love is blind so maybe Abraham is so blindly in love with Sarah that he saw her as she was years ago. Maybe she had a real good wrinkle cream she used.

It must have worked really good because King Abimelech took Sarah to be his wife. Once again God stepped in to protect Sarah and His plan. Even though they lied God used it to bless them by Abimelech giving them gifts and an area land that they could live. Just get away from him.

One thing we see is that Abraham and Sarah were not perfect people. Yet, He still used them to bring about His plan of salvation. There were no Ten Commandments for them to follow. It was Abraham’s faithfulness to seek God that brought him to where he was.

Several things we can take away from this. First, if it didn’t work the first time it won’t work the second time. Which leads to our next point, lies do not build relationships with others. Due to the point, they will always be found out. God has a way of bringing our lies out into the light of truth. Lastly, we see God has a plan which includes using imperfect people and He will do what He has to do to work out His plan.

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I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

2 thoughts on “Not Again!

  1. I chuckled a bit as I read this, because we (I) tend to do this, don’t we? But God isn’t fooled. We might think we’re getting ahead by covering up the truth but often, He’s just giving us time to come clean.
    Thanks for sharing your insights and adding a smile to my day.

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