Clothed in Splendor

Fields like this are breathtaking masterpieces of God’s handiwork. As we all know the flowers will soon wither away and the beauty will be gone. Just for a couple days, the hillside is clothed in God’s majesty.

We, on the other hand, stand in front of a mirror, with a closet full of clothes, and have not a thing to wear. What we do have is either out of fashion or we wore it two weeks ago and can’t wear it again.  Don’t forget about having a different pair of shoes for each outfit. OK, maybe that is a little overkilled, but there are people like that. The world has its trap set before us, got to have the latest in fashion for each season of the year.

Jesus says when we worry about the little things in life, our faith is little. OK, what about the big things of life? Let’s stick to the book of Matthew and go forward a couple of chapters to chapter 8. This is where Jesus is sleeping in the back of the boat and a BIG storm comes up. The disciples were panicked, they knew for certain that they were going to die from this storm. Yet, Jesus was snoozing away. Did any of them wonder how He was able to sleep with the boat being tossed about by the storm? They seemed more care about what might happen than to why Jesus wasn’t freaking out like them. Once they woke Him about the storm they heard again about having little faith.

When we worry it shows that we are not putting our faith in God to take care of us. Instead, we are basing our outcome on what we perceive. Our perception and what God has planned for our lives rarely line up together.  We begin to worry how are we going to do what He wants us to do. Worry zaps our faith. As our worry grows our faith gets smaller. We can’t see God at work because of the big wall of worry that is up.

Don’t let worry stop you from getting what God wants you to do.  Your faith is a muscle so work it out and build it up so that you can knock worry down when it tries to build up.


Published by Bonnie Sue Writes

I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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