Five Minute Friday – Blessing

(Photo by Ester Marie Doysabas – Unsplash)

Difficult people are a blessing in disguise. They cause us to draw closer to Jesus. He was no stranger to dealing with difficult people. Just look at His disciples, Martha, the Pharisees, even His own brothers, at times made life difficult for Him.

We need to run to Him in dealing difficult people and He will bless us as we show them His love, grace, and mercy. You never know who you will be a blessing to as they witness you dealing with someone with His love.



Fridays, are Five Minute Fridays. Take the time to write for 5 minutes on the given word. This week the word is blessing. This is a great way to start writing. A small yet daring step. Here is the link to follow if you want to join:


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13 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Blessing

  1. I liked your take on the prompt. It’s not always easy to see difficult people as a blessing but dealing with them can be an opportunity for us to grow, and it can have a great impact if we focus on trying to bless them. Visiting from FMF#31.

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  2. Excellent point. We learn and grow as we stretch to relate to difficult people. The Lord can help us. So pleased to meet you–I’m glad you left a comment on my post.

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  3. Hi Bonnie! You’re right. Things can get messy quickly when we’re dealing with a difficult person. But when we depend on the Lord, He grants us the wisdom and grace we need.
    How have you been? Happy new month to you and your family.

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