The Road To Paradise by Karen Barnett


Has the summer heat gotten to you? Wish you were able to get away to the mountains but can’t? “The Road to Paradise” will take you there the minute you start reading it. Karen Barnett quickly transports you back in time and to the cool forest on Mt Rainer.

Margie Lane’s  love for God and her view on nature causes you to stop and look at what is around you through her eyes. The growing romance between her and Ranger Ford Brayden causes you to want help Philip Carmichael, the unwanted self-titled suitor who followed Margie to Mt. Rainer, back down the mountain where he came from. I wanted to walk up to Philip, slap him across the face, tell him to wake up and smell the forest and leave, like a tree. The way Margie and Ford clumsily admitted and dismissed their feelings for each other made this one of the fun parts about the book. Yet Ford’s fear of losing her and not wanting to admit it haunts him through the story.

Karen’s descriptions of the lodges made me feel as if I was walking into one. I could smell and taste the fresh baked cookies. As Margie, frightfully walked out on the log over the river, the only thing I didn’t feel was wet myself. My heart was pounding each step she took on the wet log.

I found this book refreshing and hard to put down. A great read for the summer or anytime. Take a hike in the mountain air on  “The Road to Paradise.”

“I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.”

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