Who Is In Your Mind?

Paul tells us to have the mind of Christ.  The Greek word used for mind – phroneo (fron-eh-o) – to exercise the mind, entertain or have a sentiment or opinion, to set affections on, regard, savour, and think. In the definition, we find what we have to do to have a mindset like Christ.

First, we have to exercise our mind in being like Christ. This does not come naturally. Like exercises you become stronger the more you do it. I also look at it as when you do piano exercises and how doing the scales over and over they become like natural. So as we exercise our mind with the Bible, our actions should become more Christ-like.

Second, we are to entertain a Christ-like opinion. The only way we can have our opinion to be like His is to be in the Bible daily. This is how we know Him better.

Third, we are to regard Him. When you regard someone, you hold a high value to what they say and do. You listen to every word they say. Even start acting like them.



Fourth, we are to savour Him. I  like this point. I love flavored coffee. Not with syrups but the real thing. One of my favorite flavors is toasted coconut. I  love to savour it. I will sit with a freshly poured cup of coffee. Holding it up to my nose so I can get the smell of the coconut with the coffee. Then I will sip it and note every flavor in the coffee. This is not a coffee I drink fast. We need to take our time with Him through prayer, worship, and in the Bible. Savour everything that we get out of it.

Fifth, we are to think about Him. Going back to the old W.W.J.D. (What Would Jesus Do) saying. You use to see W.W.J.D. everywhere, now it seems it is back to self. Before we react to situations we need to take the time to stop and think W.W.J.D. This will keep us from reacting in the flesh.


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I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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