Walk In His Ways

As we start out in Psalm 119, I find it very fitting start with instructions to follow God’s commands and precepts. The only way we can know His statutes are is by reading the Bible. He has given us the instruction manual to live life by. He has covered what is best for us to eat, how to get along with others, health problems, and much more. The problem is when we read the Bible we think that is for back then, things have changed.

Look at what has happened to America when we took God out of the picture. Crime has gone up. People are more about self than the other person. Immorality is on the rise. Illness has increased. The focus is no longer on obeying what God says, but on what feels good.

There are benefits in following how God says we should live. Look at Daniel and his friends when they were in captivity in Babylon chose to eat just vegetables and not the food the king had prepared. By following what God said Daniel and friends were healthier  after a month than those that at the king’s food.

Psalm 119, promises that by following God’s commands we will be steadfast in our ways. Best thing by living in the way He says we will have no reason for shame, nor will we be forsaken.

Published by Bonnie Sue Writes

I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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