Reading Plan For Psalm 119 Week 4

PS 119 wk 4


Last week I was unable to post due to a complete body histamine reaction and was sicker than ever before. Now that it is stopped let’s get back to Psalm 119.



The tenth letter is Yod. It is the smallest and most used letter. Suspended in the air it starts and ends the other letters. In the picture below you can see how the Yod makes up the first letter – Aleph.


It indicates the omnipresence of God. It is the starting point of God’s presence in everything.




Represents the palm of the hand and the crown of the king. It has been said that God has His palm over us.

Lamed 1


We go from the shortest Yod to the tallest letter Lamed. It is like a shepherd’s staff representing authority. It is to spur into action, to teach, to draw our attention heart and meaning of the Torah.

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