What Is Your Testimony?

(Photo by Kapil Dubey at Unsplash.com)

We are fighting the greatest war of our lives daily. Our enemy is constantly laying and waiting for the best time to attack. He waits for when we put our guard down and then he springs for the attack. The mind is generally the first thing that he chooses to attack.

Once we get hit, our minds will run to all possible reasons and conclusions of what is happening and what the outcome will be. Then our emotions will follow soon to overwhelm us feeding out thoughts that are growing in intensity which feeds our emotions and the cycle continues.

So how do we win this war?

Since we know as long as we walk this earth we will be in a daily battle with the enemy. Like any soldier, we should put on our armor before going into battle, which begins basically when we wake up in the morning, meaning we need to put our spiritual armor on before we even get out of bed.

Then throughout the day as was meditate on His Word and we will be able to hear the Spirit direct and guide us. The Helmet of Salvation helps to protect our thoughts and emotions from getting out of had and drowning out the Spirit.

Chizoba  Morah wrote, “Let your Spirit be louder than your mind.” The only way we can do that is by feeding the Spirit through the Word of God, fellowship with other believers, listening to Christian music, and through testimonies of what God has done in, through and for others.

What is your testimony going to be?

Will they look at your life as a soldier that fought the fight in the strength of the Spirit or will the say every time an attack came she panicked? One will be a source of strength and a witness of God’s work, while the other will be a what not to do example.

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I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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