You Are My Hiding Place

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With all that is going on in this world, it can make one want to become a turtle and pull inside one’s shell to hide. War, rumors of war, sexual abuse, and natural disasters all can seem overwhelming when one focuses on just those things.

It is in His Word we can find a hiding place and a shield to protect us from what we see on the news. I have a friend when she worked for a trucking company would as soon as she got home from work grab her Bible to wash her mind for the day’s filth. It is in the Bible we find the nourishment for our spirit in this dry and thirsty world.

By living our lives according to what God has called us to do; love Him with all that is in us and to love each and every person as Jesus loves us, are we shielded from the attacks of those seeking to make us look bad because we are able to walk just before God.

Draw near to God through His Word and follow what He says to do and find a Hiding Place and Shield that will protect and sustain us.

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I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

5 thoughts on “You Are My Hiding Place

  1. I love Psalm 32:7. Back in the late 80s, a chorus was sung in many churches. We have just lost a dear friend to a sudden heart attack and I found much comfort in this chorus. I then began reading the Psalm directly from Scripture. So comforting to have a God who will hold us close and comfort us. Someone we can run to and hide from all the troubles. Thank you Bonnie for this today!

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