Reading Plan for Psalms 119 Week 7

PS 119 wk 7.jpg

One of the surest ways to know if you heard God right is to do what He said and then experience wave after wave attack from our enemy. This study has been one of the hardest studies for me. My health has been attacked from the beginning of this study.



The Qoph represents – the rising sun, cycle, East, and used in words – to call, to separate out, resurrection.



The Resh looks like the head of a man and means beginning, first, head, and top.



Looks like the two front teeth. Shin means – sharp, teeth, again, and both.



The ancient Hebrew form of the Tav is two crossed lines. Interesting that the Canaanite version of the letter looks like a cross. The meaning of the Tav is – mark,  sign, monument.


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