Remember When…

Back in high school and breaking up with your sweetheart, one and only, you would sit there looking at pictures packing up gifts to get rid of reminders of what was. As you do you start to wonder, what went wrong? Did you miss some signs? How could you have not seen it coming? What does the other person have that you don’t, besides your sweetheart?

In Jeremiah 2:4-8, we see God doing the same thing. He lists all the things He has done for Israel. Bringing them out of Egypt. Providing for them in the wilderness. Giving them a land which would provide for all of their needs. Defending them from their enemies. Yet, they still left Him and went for after false gods.

I have a box up in the attic of the flowers and cards that my husband gave me as we were dating. Another of things from each of my boys growing up. I know I’m not the only one. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, we are told that she held on to all that had happened in her heart and pondered over it, in Luke 2:19.

Do we do that with the things God has done for us? Do we think about what He does daily for us or do we just go on with our lives giving His credit to someone/something else?

I have a couple of journals that I have written what He has done for me and my family. I look at them now and then to remember His faithfulness, blessings, and words to me. This is one of the ways I get through trials because I can see what He has done in past trials.

I wonder if when Jesus was on the cross did Mary think of all the things that happened surrounding His birth? Did she remember what God had said to her?

What has God done in your life? Do you have a way to remember what he did? If not take some time today and start writing them down so you can remember His faithfulness to you when you a going through a trial.






(Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash)

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