Jeremiah 3 Study Guide


Jeremiah 3 is a call to Israel for repentance and a rejection of Judah. We see God’s grace extended to Israel for their repentance and Judah’s false repentance leading to God turning His back on them. This week let’s learn from both of them.

Monday — What happens when we follow the ways of the world instead of God’s?

Tuesday — God withheld rain due to Israel’s sin. Has there been a time in your life God used something unpleasant to bring you to repentance?

Wednesday — Have you ever followed the crowd? How did it work out?

Thursday — Why were things worse for Judah than Israel?

Friday — What happens when we acknowledge to God our sins? What does He promise?

Saturday — Judah was not truly repentant, while Israel was. What was the difference in the way God dealt with them?

(Photo by Nicolas Cool on Unsplash)

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