Don’t Follow The Leader…

I’m sure you have heard that old saying,  “If John Doe jumps off a cliff are you going to follow?” Well, Judah not only followed Israel’s example in idol worship they pretended to be sorry to God for it and kept doing it.

Many different Christian leaders over the years have tried to put an all-powerful God into boxes that explains how He works and how we need to respond to Him. When you stop and look at these boxes really in-depth you see God doesn’t fit any box that man tries to put Him in.

When we follow a certain box someone has attempted to put God in we then miss God as who He is. We need to check everything that we hear and read about God to what the Bible says. Every doctrine, creed, or confession of theology must pass the test of Scripture. If one part fits but another part of it doesn’t fit then we must rethink it.

When we read the Bible the best way is to read it without any doctrinal glasses coloring our vision. For when we read the Bible as it is we won’t miss who God is because we are not trying to make Him fit a man-made point of view.

Rahab didn’t have the Bible to read or people teacher her as to who God was. She came to her saving faith based on what she had heard about Him. While others in Jericho hid behind the walls from God, Rahab sought to follow Him when she lowered the spies down the wall from her window.

Do you follow the crowd like Judah and walk away from God or are you like Rahab and draw close to God from learning about Him?

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I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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