Jeremiah 3 Applied

This week we have seen that sin can overtake us totally making it impossible to get out without help. We get buried so deep in some sins that we cannot see a way out on our own. Sometimes we are so deep into the sin it almost seems normal to us. So normal we don’t realize it is destroying our life, relationships, health and more. It is these sins we need someone to rescue us from.

We need to be careful of who we look up to an example in our lives. There are people who build you up and encourage you to be a better person. These are the ones you want to surround yourself with. You don’t want to follow those who are a bad influence and lead you away from what you know is right. They are the ones that will help you to fall deeper into the sin you are trapped in.

God desires that we come to Him with a heart of true repentance. There is no walking the fecne with one foot following Him and the other still doing the sin we said we were sorry for. Through Jesus, we are able to be fully forgiven for our sins. He will not leave us in this world to wander around confused as to the next step to take. As we seek Him with our whole heart He will bring pastors into our lives who will teach us from the Bible, leading us into a deeper knowledge and understanding of who God is.


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I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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