What Warnings Have You Ignored?

In Jeremiah 4, we see God giving Judah another warning to repent, return, and renew their relationship with Him. He even warns them of what is to come. I don’t know about you but I have ignored the warning signs God put in front of me. The, “You need to get right with Me — God” message.

Back in the late 80’s, I was in two back to back major car accidents. The first one I was hit head-on by a young teenager racing another car and turned left while I was going through the intersection. My right ankle was shattered into toothpicks size pieces. The doctor told my mom that I may never walk again. She responded that he didn’t know my God. When the cast was removed I could walk without a limp. The doctor was amazed.

Well, my leg may have come out fine, but nothing was done about my heart. After I got the settlement for the injury deep in my heart there was a thorn, like we talked about yesterday. My attitude was like I showed that teenager … The time I spent looking for a new vehicle, inside I was HAHAHA “I taught you a lesson.” Bitterness covered pride had taken a hold and revenge had taken control of everything.

There were a few minor warnings I overlooked and ignored. My attitude bothered me but I brushed it off as I deserved the right to be that way. I was visiting my dad with my brother, one of the rare times I saw him after he moved out, his attitude was a reflection of what was in my heart but then that was him all the time, was my excuse.

After settling on a Chevy Blazer, because I had a Chevy Sprint that after the first accident the roof was an inch from my head, I decided to get something that had a crush-room. Why would I get another Chevy after the first one was so dangerous? My granddad was a Chevy mechanic most of my life.

I had planned a cross-country trip to visit friends and family. I started getting warnings signs not to go. First, the water temperature gauge would not work. Next, the dealer couldn’t get it in. In ignoring both of those warnings I had the dealer hook up an aftermarket gauge so I could continue with my plans.

Like Judah being warned about the coming destruction and doing their own thing, I too chose to do my thing and not repent of my attitude.  About an hour away from home I looked down to the aftermarket gauge that was below the steering wheel and looked back up to see a large piece of truck tire right in front of me. This time I ignored the warning that said do not swerve may roll. I went to the right side of the road and off into the dirt as I came back onto the road I felt the Blazer start to buck. Soon I started flipping end over end when that stopped it then rolled to the left once. When the dust settled I found myself still with the seat belt around me but up around my chest and I was on the floor underneath the steering wheel. I knew that not only was my Blazer was destroyed but something was wrong with my left ankle. I  managed to get myself back in the seat and the seatbelt off. I knew that I needed to elevate my leg so I got it up on the dash where the window used to be. As I laid back in the seat the realization that I was alone, injured severely, and basically in the middle of nowhere, I cried out to God not to let me die out there.

The final destruction was my Blazer that just over 500 miles, all the windows were gone and most for the glass was in my left leg, my left ankle was missing three inches of bone ground off int the dirt, the left knee was broken and the ligament was torn, my right hand and wrist were broken. I live each day with the reminder of not paying attention to the warning signs God sent to get my attention. Now I check my heart daily.

Destruction is not something fun to go through. It can come in many other forms. Take heed of the warning signs God places in front of you and repent of what He is speaking to your heart about.

So, what warning signs are you ignoring?





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