Jeremiah 4 Applied

This week we find out that, truth, justice, and righteousness are the very being of God. Everything He does is going to be based on those standards. It is His truth we can find Him to be the same in everything no matter what. His justice is the same for everyone. It is in His righteousness we are protected for our enemy.

God wants our hearts to be soft ground and free of the things of life that will keep us from hearing Him. Many times that is emotional hurts that sit and fester dragging us into the muck and mire of bitterness. We need to remove those thorny hurts quickly by forgiving those that hurt us.

God gives us warning signs to protect us. It is when we ignore those signs that are meant to bring us back to Him, we run into trouble. Little by little, He will let us ignore those signs. It is when we go too far and touch the hot stove that we get burned and then we come back to Him after we suffer in our pain of running away from Him.

He is just, in disiclining us when we walk away from Him and into the street of sin. It is in His truth and righteousness we want to stay finding life, peace, and safety.

Published by Bonnie Sue Writes

I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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