Jeremiah 6 Study Guide

God did find a small group of faithful people, the tribe of Benjamin, and warned them to flee for safety. The coming destruction of Jerusalem is due to the following other gods. He had given them plenty of opportunities to repent but they were stubborn and refused.

Monday — In Jeremiah 6:4, God tells them to prepare for war. We are told in Ephesians 6:10-13, about our war. What is our war and what are we instructed about it?

Tuesday — Describe what was Jerusalem’s rock bottom.

Wednesday — God says He was tired of holding what back? Does it seem good or a bad thing?

Thursday — In verse 24, Jeremiah describes the anguish would be like birth pains, likewise Jesus in Matthew 24:8, the signs of the times in the same manner. Compare Jeremiah 6 and Matthew 24 and list what is similar.

Friday — Compare those in Jeremiah 6:27-30 with those in 1Peter 1:6-8.

Saturday — Write out the different pieces of the Armor of God and list how they are useful to you.

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