Jeremiah 7 Study Guide

The one thing that stands out is God’s patience. In the very first part of the chapter, He lays out what Judah would have to do to stop Him from pouring out His wrath on them. It isn’t His desire and He extends grace to them. But do they choose to receive it or reject it?

Monday — God calls us to amend our ways and deeds with Him. Many times we get stuck in the muck of this world. What might you need to make right with God that has caused you to stray from Him?

Tuesday — How can verses 5-7, relate to today?

Wednesday — Compare Jeremiah 7:8-15 with John 2:13-22.

Thursday — How does Romans 6:1-4, relate to Jeremiah 7?

Friday — What was Judah doing that God was so angered about? What did was going to happen to the land because of Judah?

Saturday — In verse 34, what will happen to the cities of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem?

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