Why God…..?

There are many questions we have that start with, “Why God … ?” School shootings? Bombings? Illness? Cancer? Plane crashes? Drugs overdose?????

Many times we look at what is going on in this world and see the injustice going on, where those get off because they are wealthy and those who they railroad are ruined because of there wealth controls what is going on. Not only did Jeremiah question God about the wicked always prospering, or so it seems, but so did David and Job.

I don’t think they were the only ones that thought that in the Bible. Surely, some of the Children of Israel questioned why God would allow Egypt to become so prosperous on the sweat and blood of their backs.

Esther, although she was queen when she found out Haman wanted to kill all the Jews, felt powerless to do something. She saw with human eyes there was nothing she could do to stop his wickedness because of his powerful position. In the end, she trusted God to protect her and the Jews as she made known to the King someone was plotting to kill her and her people. The final outcome was for Haman to hang on the gallows he had built to hang Esther’s uncle on.

When we are in the deep center of a trial and can’t see the forest for the trees, it is then that we have to trust God that His plan is the best and in the end we have victory.


(Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash)

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I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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