Curse or Blessing

First thing off the bat, I am not siding with either side on the debate of drinking. I thought it was interesting to see how God used wine in two different ways and that is what is going to be explored here.

As we have seen God is extremely displeased with Judah. Especially those in Jerusalem, since they represent the leadership of the people and gave the thumbs-up for idol worship. Due to their following after other gods, they had lost their ability to understand what God was saying to them. He was wanting them to fill themselves up with Him. But, they, in their pride and stubbornness to heed what God was saying, rejected His way of doing things. After all, they knew how things were done and could do them without His help. Because they rejected His help, He allowed them to become drunk in following after what the people around the were doing so they became unaware of what was going on. God rejected them and extending His grace and mercy when the time of their destruction came.

Compare that to when Jesus turned the water into wine. The people at the wedding feast were already drunk on the wine the groom had provided. Their senses were dulled yet, the water turned to wine by Jesus servered to the Master of the banquet, he was able to tell that it was better than anything they had drunk previously, even though it had been water minutes before. God the Son, Jesus, poured out His grace and mercy on the groom and his bride that day. Even though they didn’t seek Him and in verse 4 of John chapter 2, it seems Jesus rejected His mom’s request, He chose to bless them. We do not know what happened with this couple that Jesus blessed by helping them out in a hard time or if they ever found out it was Jesus that provided the wine. All we know it was far above the best wine that was served at the beginning of most weddings.

We have a choice we have to make. Either reject God’s grace and mercy which leads to a life separated from His will and blessing. Or we can accept His grace and mercy and live a life, being blessed beyond belief. Don’t miss out on your blessing.


(Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash)

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