Outcast For The Lord

Have you ever felt everyone has turned their back on you because you are following what God wants you to do? Maybe, even because you stand up and speak what the Bible says to do? Family and friends have abandoned you or even make fun of you due to your stance for the Lord? You may even wonder why you are doing what He has called you to do?

You’re not alone. Jeremiah felt that pain as he had become the most rejected man in Judah, especially in Jerusalem. So what did he do? He went to the Lord and told him exactly how he felt. Yes, God wants to hear our feelings, how our days went, when we feel like we are pond scum, and rejected. He gets it. Not only did Jesus feel the rejection from the religious leaders, the people of the town that He grew up in, one of His followers, but also His own family. God the Father was repeatedly rejected by Israel and Judah, those that He chose to be His own kept going back to false gods. He knows and understands what it is like.

God will hear our cries to Him. He will restore, redeem and refresh us.

(Photo by Josh Post on Unsplash)

Published by Bonnie Sue Writes

I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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