Jeremiah 19 Study Guide

When we become rebellious and stiffen our necks against the Lord because we want it our way and when we want it, we then become a broken vessel that He can’t use.

Monday —  Look up the definition of potsherd. Why do you think they would name a gate to a city Potsherd Gate?

Tuesday —  In the following verses what does it say about a potsherd? Job 2:7-8, Proverbs 26:23, Isaiah 45:9

Wednesday — In verses 4-9 of Jeremiah 19, what offering, did they defile and how?

Thursday — They defiled another offering in verse 13, what was it?

Friday — We are going a little out of order today. Back up to verses 7-11. What was God’s judgment on Judah?

Saturday — God has a term that He used over and over for the people, what was it? Verse 15

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