Jeremiah 20 Study Guide

Jeremiah was put in stocks because he spoke out against the priest and speaking the Word of God.  There are many today that are imprisoned because of their belief in Jesus.

Monday — Take time today and read some of the stories about those who are in prison for their faith. VOM Prisoner Alert

Tuesday — The prisoners in yesterday’s reading are in prison all because of their belief in Jesus. He was the first arrested so look and compare the three accounts of His arrest. Matthew 26:47-56, Luke 22:47-23:56, John 18. Did you learn something you haven’t noticed before?

Wednesday — Peter was the first recorded to be imprisoned for his belief in Jesus. Acts 12:1-19.

Thursday — Paul in 2 Corinthians 11:22-33, recounts all he has gone through for serving Jesus.

Friday — John the brother of Jesus was the only apostle who died of natural causes even after being boiled alive in oil. He makes reference to his banishment to Patmos, a Roman prison on the island of Patmos in Revelation 1:9.

Saturday — How does Jeremiah 20:11-12, encourage you in times of trials?

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