What Type of People Pour Into Your Life?

There are two types of people God talks about in Jeremiah 24, who are represented by two baskets of figs. Those that love God and will follow Him are in the basket with the good figs. While those who choose to do what they want and have nothing to do with God are the basket of rotten, unuseable figs.

Let’s take this another step. In our day to day life, there are two types of people that we will come into contact. Those who build you up, encourage to grow in the Lord and as a person, these people are the good figs. The bad figs are the toxic people that tear you down and lead you away from God. We need to be careful of who we allow input into our lives from.

The other day my husband shared this quote for me from a friend of his on Facebook. It is a great reminder that we have an enemy that would do anything to make us useless for what God has planned for our lives.

Be very careful; “Every connection is not divine. Satan has a whole plan to tie you to certain people strictly to drain you of energy and waste your time. Be certain that your connections are purposeful. Some people are on an assignment from hell, to disturb God’s process in your life and character, and to guarantee that you waste valuable time. The secret to victory in this, is early detection.” — Casey Sanders



(Photo by Weronika Marcińczyk on Unsplash)

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