Jeremiah 25 Study Guide

Seventy years God has planned the exile. Many of the adults would be dead at the end of this period of time. Those that are left will either had grown up in captivity or were born in it.

Monday — In verses 1-7 of Jeremiah 25, what phrase is repeated several times? Have you struggled with the same thing?

Tuesday — What does God say about the King of Babylon in verses 8-11?

Wednesday — Compare the judgment in verses 15-29, with Matthew 25:31-46. Could they be the same judgment?

Thursday — How does Revelation 19:17-21, line up with Jeremiah 25:30-33?

Friday — Read Revelation 18. How does it compare to Jeremiah 25?

Saturday — Jeremiah 25:37-38, talks about God’s fierce anger. In chapter 5 of 1 Thessalonians, Paul talks about the end times and God’s wrath. What does he say about us Christians? How are we to live?


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