Write Down What God Says

When God says to do something it is a good idea to do what He says. Not only in Jeremiah 30:2, does God say to write things down you can find it throughout the Bible; Habakkuk 2:2, Psalm 102:8, Revelation 1:11 … and many other places. If they were to write down what God told them, and His word is the same yesterday, today, and forever, then why do so many of us don’t take notes in church on what the Lord speaks to our hearts there, in our personal study or when we hear that small still voice telling us something.

Sure we can do our study online. The tools are all there, from commentaries – dictionaries – concordances. There are sermons after sermon you can listen to on almost every verse in the Bible. BUT God said to write down what He said to you. I’m not saying that online study is bad. When I’m pressed for time I will do it  The benefits from doing the study old school are worth looking into.

Look back at the past.

It is interesting to see what we have focused on when we read through a passage the first time and if there is something new God is showing us.

Writing helps with learning.

The more interactions you have with what you are studying the better you remember what you learn. Many of the worship songs we sing come from verses in the Bible. Working with kids do games, science experiences, watch videos, and teach the Bible lessons in such a way they are connecting it in more than one way.  When we write down what He speaks to us as we study we remember it better.

So try studying the Bible old school, Write in your Bible, get a small notebook and write down what God is speaking to you.




(Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash)

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