Jeremiah 32 Study Guide

There is a lot to cover in this chapter so let’s get started.

Monday — In verses 1-5, the king had Jeremiah locked up in prison. Why did he do this? Pray for the persecuted church.

Tuesday — The test of a true prophet of God was that what he said had to come true. Jeremiah tested what he heard from God, how? What was the outcome? Verses 6-15.

Wednesday — How did Jeremiah describe God in verses 16-25? Take time to write down your description of God from what He has done in your life.

Thursday — What do we learn from verse 27 do we learn about God’s identity?  Read Exodus 3 and add more to what you find about God’s identity.

Friday — What did they do that angered God? Verses 28-35.

Saturday — What does God say about His people in verses 36-44? What brings you comfort from these verses?























es 16-25? Take some time and write out how you would describe God for what He has done in your life.

Thursday — In verse 27, we see a little bit of God’s identity. What is it? Read Exodus 3 and write down what else

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