Jeremiah 33 Study Guide

In chapter 32 and again in 33, we see Jeremiah in the prison court because the king did not like what he said. While he was there God came to him twice. Let’s see what God has to say in chapter 33.

Monday — Read Jeremiah 33:3. What does God promise to do when we call on Him? Make a list of things that seem impossible for you that need to be done in your life. Call on God for his help. Remember to thank Him when He does act on it.

Tuesday — Why did God hide His face from Jerusalem in verse 5? What other time did God hide His face on Jerusalem? Matthew 27: 32-56 What caused it?

Wednesday — In light of the verses in Matthew 27, how did God fulfill His promise in Jeremiah 33:8-9?

Thursday — What is the type of sacrifice God wants us to bring to Him? Verses 10-11, Romans 12:1

Friday — There are at least two names for Jesus in Jeremiah 33:15-16. What are they?

Saturday — Who is the one that breaks the covenant in verses 19-26? What does God promise to do?

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