Jeremiah 38 Study Guide

When you think things can’t get worse, you find yourself in a well sinking in the mud looking at the light at the top.

Monday — In Jeremiah 38:1-6, four men plot against Jeremiah. They make several claims in verse 4, as to why Jeremiah was working against the people by what he was saying. What did they say he was doing? Who else was thrown in a well and left to die?

Tuesday — What can you find out about Ebed-melech in verses 7-13? Do you think Ebed-melech believed in God?

Wednesday — What is your opinion of King Zedekiah from these 13 verses?

Thursday — Does it sound like an apology in verses 14-16? What is your answer based upon?

Friday — What was God’s conditions in verses 17-23?

Saturday — Can you tell what about King Zedekiah from this chapter?

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