The Light at the Top of the Well

Both Jeremiah and Joseph were thrown into wells and left there to die but God stepped in to save them. We all know Joseph’s story with his brothers, but don’t hear about Jeremiah so here is a brief recap. Some of King Zedekiah’s officials were not liking one bit what Jeremiah was saying was going to happen. They made up a story about Jeremiah and got the king to agree with them to do away with him. They took him to a dry cistern and threw him where Jeremiah sunk into the mud and was left to die. It was one of the king’s servants, a eunuch from Ethiopia, God used to talk some sense into the king. The king then had the servant go and pull Jeremiah out of the mud and cistern.

Have you ever had a time when people have spread gossip about you? Maybe while in school some of the kids got together to talk bad about you, or a teacher accuses you of something that you didn’t do only to have a friend who years before had turned against you take a stand against the teacher.  God sends people to pull you out of the mud of lies that others want to bury you in. People that know the truth and serve God.

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I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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