Jeremiah 39 Study Guide

Ever wonder about if a person who seems to be against you could really be a Christian? I know I have. Still, do with some people. Back in the day, Nebuchadnezzar was one of those people. How could someone that went around conquering nation after nation be a good person? He took Israel captive and was now taking Judah captive. He killed the king of Judah’s family in front of him and then blinded him. He killed the princes of Judah and led the rest into captivity and destroyed the buildings with fire. Except for the poor he left with the vineyards intake. Yet Jeremiah had seen him as a tool God was going to use to bring the people back to Him. This week let’s look at how God worked in  Nebuchadnezzar’s life.

Monday — Oh the great and mighty Nebuchadnezzar was not so nice. In Daniel 2, he had a dream. Not only did he want his astrologers to tell him the meaning but also what them to tell what his dream was or he would kill them. Nice king. Of course, no of them could so they sought Daniel. Who did Daniel say would be the one to explain the dream? What did Nebuchadnezzar do after Daniel told him the dream and what it meant? What happened to Daniel and his friends?

Tuesday — By taking a look at Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and the blazing furnace in Daniel 3, we can see how arrogant King Nebuchadnezzar was. At the end of the chapter, we see his confession of faith. What was his con confession? What brought it about?

Wednesday — In Daniel 4, Nebuchadnezzar pride takes over him and God humbled him. What happened to Nebuchadnezzar? What did he proclaim in verses  34-37?

Thursday — In Jeremiah 39, we see Nebuchadnezzar as a ruthless king as his armies took Judah under siege, taking the people away in captivity and burned Jerusalem and tore down the walls. Then, on the other hand, you see him showing mercy to the poor leaving them there with the vineyards intake. Did God use Nebuchadnezzar to purify His people?

Friday — What did Nebuchadnezzar say to do with Jeremiah in verses 11-14?

Saturday — Remember Ebed-Melech, the one who pulled Jeremiah out of the mud and cistern? God sure did. What was Jeremiah to tell him in verses 15-18?

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