Jeremiah 40 Study Guide

In chapter 40, it seems that everything for those that were left behind things wasn’t going so bad in Mizpah. King Nebuchadnezzar had appointed to Gedaliah to be the leader of those that stayed behind and to report to him. They seemed to be doing good with an abundant harvest of summer fruits and wine, things were looking up. Then the chapter ends with a warning.

Monday — Let’s look at the background of the town, Mizpah, in Genesis 31. Mizpah doesn’t mean that cute little-broken heart necklace there was a more dark meaning behind it. Summarize Genesis 31 and write out the full meaning of the Mizpah.

Tuesday — In Jeremiah 40:1-6, Jeremiah was given a choice as to where he could live. Why do you think he made the choice that he made?

Wednesday — Who were the people Gedaliah was to rule over? Verse 7

Thursday — What did Gedaliah promise and to who? Verses 8-10

Friday — How were things going in verses 11-12?

Saturday — We see a warning to Gedaliah in verses 13-16. What was it and how was it received?

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