Jeremiah 41 Study Guide

When people pretend to like you and then stab you in the back literally. Remember last week Gedaliah was warned about Ishmael was plotting against him? Well, he should have listened.

Monday —  What happens in Jeremiah 41?

Tuesday — In Genesis 37:12-36, chapters 44 and 45, who was wronged? What was the final outcome?

Wednesday — How was the person in Judges 16 betrayed? Why? What was the outcome?

Thursday — In 2 Samuel 11, a very unlikely person betrayed someone. What happened and the outcome in chapter 12.

Friday — Retell the story in Daniel 6 and include the outcome.

Saturday — The most known betrayal in all the Bible.Proverbs 27:6, Luke 22:47-48, Matthew 27:3-5.  What to the betrayer?

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