Jeremiah 42 Study Guide

When unforeseen circumstances happen we still have to trust God to get His message out. Last week it was a  broken foot. Yesterday, lightning took out the internet for the Dallas area from the morning to late into the night. God has His plan and reasons that we have no control over.

Tuesday —  In the first six verses of Jeremiah 42, we see those that are left come to Jeremiah for prayer and instruction. We also see the heart of the people. What is different now than before Babylon took over?

Wednesday — What is the blessing in verses 7-12?

Thursday — What would happen if the people decided not to listen to the voice of God? verses 13-17

Friday — God is very much against them going to Egypt. What would happen should they decide to do things their way and not follow God?

Saturday —  What might be some of the reasons God had for them not going to Egypt? Could the reasons be the same for us when God doesn’t allow us to do certain things?

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