Jeremiah 43 Study Guide

I wonder if Jeremiah wasn’t surprised that the people didn’t listen to him. It seems like every time he tells them what God says, they don’t believe him and do what they want.

Monday — What were the accusations against Jeremiah in verses 1-3?

Tuesday — In verses 4-7, did everyone go willingly? If not, were there some taken by force and who were they?

Wednesday —  Name some reasons people may not want to listen to what God said. Look up some verse to back it up.

Thursday — What did Jeremiah do when he got to Egypt? What was God’s purpose for it? Verses 8-10

Friday — What is God going to do with Egypt? Verses 11-13

Saturday — Compare Jeremiah 42:10-12 to Jeremiah 43:11-13. Why would someone decide they know better than God?

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