Book Review — 365 Ellie Claire Journals

Looking for a devotional journal for 2019? Ellie Claire has three great journals to take you throughout the year.



Peace begins with Me

If you’re like me any little bump in the road that you hit tends to throw your life in a tailspin. You feel like everything is out of control and what little peace you had just flew out the window. The verses and devotions in the journal are perfect to get you focused off of what is going on around you and help you regain God’s peace throughout the year.




Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Looking to find a closer walk with Jesus this year? Each day the devotions will open up new insights into different aspects of Him that gently draw you into a more loving relationship and a deeper understanding of who He is.



The Earth Is the Lord’s, and Everything In It

Needing a gentle reminder that no matter where you go, what is around you God is there showing His glory through His creation. The devotions are great reminders of His creation is an expression of Him.






Not only are these journals beautiful in the artwork there is plenty of room to write down how the devotions spoke to you, a ribbon to keep your place and a color matching elastic strap to keep it close.


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